Terms and Conditions of 123 Cash Formula

Shipping/Delivery Policy

As soon as your order has been placed through our systems you will receive a confirmation e-mail. You can expect delivery of your product normally within 48 hours of this e-mail and any delays will be notified to you via e-mail. Some of the product package is sent digitally, so you can get started while you wait for your DVDs.

Issuing Of Invoices

An invoice will be sent to you via e-mail as soon as your order has been placed onto our system. Any updates to your order or delays will also be notified via e-mail.

Immediate Execution Of Orders

We use a real-time payment processing systems, which means that as soon as your order has been placed you will receive confirmation via e-mail. Any mistakes can then be acted upon and you will also be notified of an expected delivery date of your products at this time as well.

Your card will be billed when the transaction takes place and normally your physical product package will be dispatched same day or next day (digital products will be available immediately).

Transaction Data/E-mail

Please retain a copy of your order confirmation e-mail for future reference. A reminder to do this will be contained within the order confirmation e-mail. Your e-mail and order will contain a unique Transaction ID from WorldPay, together with contact information.

Response Time To All Customer Queries

We aim to respond to all customer queries within 24 hours, but during busy times and major project launches this may be a maximum of 48 hours.


General Questions/refund requests: sales@ais-system.com

All Other Inquiries:

Automated Income Stream Ltd
Suite 127 Communications House,
9 St Johns Street,
Colchester, Essex

Automated Income Stream
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East Caribbean

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